What is Egyptian Cotton?

Egypt’s year round moderate climate is perfect for cotton plantation giving it a superior quality.  Egyptian cotton is acknowledged as the best quality, longest staple cotton in the world. Fine linen begins with fine cotton, and the quality of the cotton depends on the lengths of individual fibers, or staples-the longer the staple the better the quality cotton. Longer staples can be combed finer to remove more small fibers, allowing the cotton to be spun into a finer textured thread with more tensile strength, and woven into a softer, more lustrous fabric.



What is Carded and Combed Cotton?

Once raw cotton is blended and cleaned it is “carded”, to remove any short staples and dirt that can cause yarn breakage in weaving. While carding will remove some 5 percent of the fibers, combing is much more thorough, removing a further 10 to 15 percent. This leaves the longest staples ready for spinning into yarn that is stronger and finer to touch yarn that will produce a higher quality towel or sheet as in AME made to order range of sheets and towels. 



What is Warp and Weft?

Warp is the thread of yarn running (lengthwise) in a sheet or towel and weft is the thread running (widthwise) in a sheet or towel.



What is Thread Count?

Thread count is simply a measure of how many threads warp (lengthwise) and weft (widthwise) and woven into one square inch (American and European standard) of fabric. 



Will my sheets shrink?

All sheets shrink when they are first washed. The extent of the shrinkage is influenced by the sizes of the different yarns used in the sheet, the density of the weave, differences in weave pattern from one sheet to another, and importantly the drying temperatures used when drying bed linen


Will my sheets maintain their whiteness?

Your sheets should remain sparkling white with the proper use of good chemicals and by adhering to the correct washing procedures. However, graying can occur through impure water quality and the over use of optical brighteners which can cause colour loss.



Will my towel hems unravel or fray?

Our towels are twin needle stitched for maximum durability and shape retention. Side hems are folded over twice and stitched with two rows of stitching rather than one to achieve hems that are neat, flat and extremely secure to withstand the commercial laundering process. However, if the towels are not laundered correctly or rinsed thoroughly hems can fray due to chemical degradation.

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