Hospital Curtains

Antibacterial fabrics are typically heavier than the conventional curtain's fabric. They come in a wide range of solid and subtly patterned colors and they are ideal for any type of medical facility. The antibacterial component is applied to the curtains to help to minimize and reduce the growth of fungi, molds and mildew that can develop in any type of an indoor environment. In addition antibacterial treatment of hospital privacy curtains can help control the growth of MRSA, which is a very virulent and treatment resistant form of staph infection. Antimicrobial fabrics offer many of the same benefits as the antibacterial fabrics. This fabric, when used as hospital privacy curtains,resists mold, mildew and bacteria growth but it also has stain and odor release properties that make them durable and long lasting.We supply made to measure flame retardant curtains that are British Standard BS5867 Part 2 C . For a list of businesses that need fire proof curtains; Hotels, Guest Houses, Hospitals, Youth Hostels, Clubs, Changing Rooms and many more. We have many different patterns , download the type of FR curtains from our PDF catalogue.